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All-metal fuselage,Machine net weight 433.9g
the top cover of the handle is made of 304 stainless steel

Low noise prefessional hair clippers


Sale £64.08 (£39.08)

These low noise professional hair clippers are suitable for barbershop or home use

Titanium ceramic blade clippers



This titanium ceramic blade clipper comes with an ultra-short pitch cutter head. Making it possible to shave within 0.1mm.

Professional Beard Hair Trimmer



Get a much-needed haircut with these clippers. The machine has a nice luxurious look with very good build quality.

Ergonomic design metalic clippers



Full Metal Clippers ranging in power usage from 110v to 240v, with 50/60Hs and a DC5v motor, mowing through any hair types.

Professional complete hair clippers


Sale £49.99 (£23.99)

The electric medium-duty hair clipper combines the advantages of both electric heavy-duty hair clippers and rechargeable alternative, overall it is portable and powerful.

Wireless electric hair clippers


Sale £79.99 (£47.99)

These hair clippers have detachable blades which allow you to wash them underwater, keeping your blades hygienically clean after every use.

Rechargeable barber hair clippers for men



The professional hair clipper with an inviting touch, satisfying use. This professional hair trimmer is a great combination of design and function.

Gold electric cordless trimmer for men


Sale £61.05 (£38.99)

This machine delivers a full three hours of usage time with just 2.5 hours of charging. Just plug it into your nearest USB port leave it for a few hours and you are good to go.

Popular 0.10 mm electric hair trimmer


Sale £60.99 (£23.99)

This machine comes with a digital brushless motor, giving you faster and longer speeds and reduced noise.

The wood grain hair clippers


Buy 1 Get 1 Free (£57.99)

Powerful rechargeable hair clipper technology, with USB charging option to take anywhere you wish.

The artist engraved hair clippers


£26.03 – £37.07

Hair clippers made with genuine titanium blades, which deliver an extremely clean and smooth cutting result

The ultimate male grooming combo



Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable Shaver Beard Hair Trimmer Kit Shaver Trimmer Low Noise Cut Beard Trimmer For Men

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We showcase product demonstration of the latest trending products every month. Keep an eye out for Hair clippers, trimmers and cordless shavers.

When the client desire to get a specific facial hair style such as being shaved in straight lines, then the foil shavers would outdo the rotary shaver in demand. This is because we would want to meet our main objective of designing the sideburns or beards in a particular way. It also permits a barber to get closer to the sideburns hence getting an accurate shave.

A rotary electric shaver is ideal for shaving larger surfaces such as the face. For the complete elimination of facial hair, this could be the most appropriate device. This is because it oscillates in different directions and therefore shaves larger body parts at a faster rate

Gold finish beard foil shaver


Buy 1 Get 1 Free £45.72

This shaver comes with a classic gold finish and dual foil head for a cleaner shave

Wet/dry rotary travel shaver



100% washable cordless shaver. With LED battery life indicator. Delivering a working time of 40 minutes after full charge

USB waterproof foil head shaver



Latest technology digital wet shaver. With battery power LED indicator. Also displays when the machine has completely finished charging. 85 minutes usage time

4D three-head rotary shaver



3D intelligent floating tool head, which can adapt to your facial contours. Double ring net which increases contact between the net and your face for a smoother shave

5 in 1 4D electric men bald head



This machine is made of ABS stainless steel. The whole body of the shaver is washable. Charge it anywhere with a USB plug

Reciprocating electric shaver



This shaver has 3D cutter head and a charging time of 1 hour. With smart anti-pinch technology



Most men can attest that growing a healthy beard isn’t always easy. It requires proper care, consistency, a healthy diet and good genes. With a straightforward facial care routine, you can get your beard growing stronger and fuller in a few months. Keep coming back to our site, because we are constantly adding cool products to this category. To make sure your facial hair is well groomed.


Wet Dry Men's Rechargeable Electric Shaver 3 Floating Heads

New LCD Display Wet Dry Men Electric Shave


Electric Razor Shaver 3D Trimmer Beard Type-C Rechargeable

Rotary head usb rechargeable 2in1 grooming kit

6D Multi-Function Men's Shaver Clipper Trimmer for Men USB Car Rechargeable



This is a high tech shaver, with 6D veneer with three knives. The razor heads can float independently in 3 directions, ensuring that it is clean and shaving close to the skin even in hard to reach areas like the neck and chin.

Ultra-Thin Double Ring Shaving Net Independent Floating Head Trimmer



This pair of clippers comes with independent head technology, which enables the blades to glide smoothly over your skin without causing nicks or ingrown hairs across your face. It has 3 sets of floating head, each of which adds 1/3 shaving area compared to normal dual-head shavers.


USB T9 Rechargeable Professional Hair Clippers



These clippers have a long life, battery with high-speed charging and a powerful discharge ensuring an even and comfortable cutting experience.

Metal Cordless Clipper with Base ProLi battery power



These clippers are the only cutters you will ever need. It is easy to hold in your hands. With very fast charging, and an environmentally friendly battery, that also has a very large capacity.

Professional Barber All Metal Hair Trimmer USB Rechargeable


£69.99 – £79.99

These clippers have a charging time of 3 hours with a usage time of 300 minutes. The blade head is also pitch adjustable.

4 hour battery life professiona hiar clippers



These hair clippers have push-type switch to adjust the cut length of the blades. The blades are adjustable between 0.2mm and 3.0mm, giving you precise control of trimming length.

LCD adjustable hair trimmer for men


£45.99 – £49.99

This pair of hair clippers come with an LCD display and is USB rechargeable. It has a hook for hanging up in barbershop settings. Plus adjustable blades. It can also be used with our without the power cable.

Multi function hair clippers with safe R design



This pair of hair clippers provides up to 120 minutes of cordless usage time, with 2.5 hours charging time. It also comes with 4 limit combs (1mm/3mm/15mm/17mm), one brush and a USB cable




Back Hair Trimmer Battery Powered


All Over Body Hair Removal Machine

Choosing the right accessories is extremely important for men’s facial and body hair care. You can blow a lot of money in the process, trying to find what is right for you.

We go to some serious lengths to find the right products for you. Whether you are looking for cordless shavers, waterproof trimmers, rechargeable hair clippers, back shavers, nose trimmers. We’ve got it stacked.

Natural organic Professional Beard Balm



This beard balm is made from all natural products, such as hemp seed oil, beeswax and olive oil. Giving your beard all the nurishment it needs to look and feel proper manly

Men Clipper Ear Face Eyebrow Nose Hair Removal



This item has a 360°rotatable blade that comprehensively holds and trims nose hair, offering painless knick free and efficient hair removal.

4 in 1 Rechargeable Nose Ear Hair Trimmer Set Wireless



You get one machine with 4 different head attachments. For nose hair, ears hair, sideburns, eyebrows and beard shaving.

4 Pcs/Set Men Beard Growth Kit Hair Growth Enhancer



This kit comes with a skin therapy brush which has tiny micro-needles, that has a therapeutic effect on your facial hair, creating thousands of microscopic channels which stimulate blood circulation and by so doing promotes hair growth.

Beard Straightener Wireless Mini Beard Straightening Comb USB Charge



This item would make an excellent gift for men. The beard straightening brush is designed specifically for facial hair, warm enough to soften and straighten your beard but cool enough to not burn your face. It can also be used on head hair.

7pcs Men Beard Grooming Kit



Natures best and mildest ingredients, effectively stimulating the skin cells to accelerate beard growth or reduce hair loss. Non-toxic and safe, no artificial ingredients or preservatives are contained. Can be used on any beard type.


All of the hair clippers, shavers or trimmers we sell on this website, cord or cordless will feature one or more of the following latest technology innovations.


Ergonomics has had a big influence on the design of hair care equipment, specifically hair care and grooming machines for men. Our products are designed to improve their safety, comfort and performance. For example, most hair clippers we sell has special gripping pads to prevent the machine from slipping out of your hand when doing work for extending period of time. Machine motors are designed to generate less heat also which means you have a more comfortable experience when holding the clippers for a long while.


Pivot motor or rotary motor

The Rotary Motor Design

The majority of the machine in our categories will more than likely have been built with a rotary motor. They are the most popular types of motors used in hair clippers. They are called rotary motors because they basically spin round in a circular motioin, with a cam mechanism which changes the circular motion of the motor into a linear, back and forth motion, which in turn moves the blades.

Rotary motors are great because they can be used with rechargeable batteries and they are the cheapest types of motors on the market.


Electromagnetic Motor

Magnetic clippers are also referred to as the barber’s workhorse, ultimately because they are the fastest in the market. The AC power comes in at 60 htz. They can produce a blade speed of 120htz per second which is 7200 rpms. The downside with all this speed is, it generates a lot of heat on the blades. Which might not be very comfortable for the person whose hair is being cut.

Pivot Motor

Pivot motors are similar to magnetic motors because they move in a linear way back and forth. They use two electromagnets and no springs, like the electromagnetic motor which uses the spring.

The blade speed is reduced with pivot motors, but they produce at least twice as much cutting power as the magnetic motor clippers. With this level of power output, they are ideal for cutting thick or wet hair.


Powerful yet very quiet motor, ideal cutting for babies and young children’s hair

Self sharpening stainless steel blades

The whole idea behind the self-sharpening blade is to make sure the blades stay sharp all the time without you having to take them apart and sharpen them manually. Basically how it works is, as the blade housing glides back and forth along the rail, the rotary blade rubs against the blades, ie. the metal edge of the base. And because of the angle at which the rotary blades is positioned, as it glides along the stationary metal edge it actually sharpens the cutting edge with each rotation.


LED indicator showing charge level

Some of the cordless hair clippers on our website come with battery level indicators. This new technology lets you know how much battery power the clipper has left. The actual location of the indicator will vary depending on the make and model of your machine.

These machines are fitted with a couple of analogue to digital converters, which is built into a dedicated chip or processor in your hair clippers. The processor measures what the battery voltage is and how much electric current is being drawn from it. And monitoring the battery’s voltage and current consumption gives an estimate of how much power is remaining in the battery.

Having a power indicator on your hair clippers is similar to having a fuel gauge in your car. Knowing when the battery is going to finish, means you can prepare for it. Instead of running out of power in the middle of cutting someone’s hair.

It can also help you plan your work, for example, you will be able to tell which hair types consume more power than others.

Electromagnetic motor


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