Animated Decoration Hair Clippers

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These cool clippers have animated images to give it a real contemporary and fashionable almost trendy look to the piece. This would make it appealing as a present or gift for a your person or child.

Its comes with all the bells and whistles, including USB rechargeable battery, and check this out you can also charge it through a normal figure of eight extension plug. The body and the adaptor are not water proof, only the blade. The comb attachment is removable, so you can wash it in water. Please note they need to properly dried before reusing.

But this clipper is not just a pretty face, because it can deliver 2 to 3 hours of usage time. With charging time between 2 to 3 hours.,

Get down with the beefy 10w motor, delivering fast, effective, precise and comfortable usage. With a minimum of 0.15mm length hair cutter blade capability, you could easily use it to keep your bald head, looking smooth and shiny round the clock. Or sculpt those signature designs, styling and works of art on your clients head piece.








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