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100% Brand New High class quality and very durable

Neck Duster brush works great for brushing off hair around the neckline and ears after a haircut.

The soft nylon bristles are easy on skin, and the handle is nicely designed for a comfortable grip.

Great for use in hair salon, cut hair clean up after touch up work, around your neck and body. Ideal for home use and very comfortable.  Very comfortable, soft and skin-friendly.


Brush material: Fibers

Brush handle material: plastic

Specifications: 17 * 6cm

Colour: Black


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Product Features

Brush material: Fibre

Brush handle material: Plastic

Specifications: 17 * 6cm

Colour: Black

Durable and practical

Easy to carry

Made of ultra soft fibres

Neatly remove the un-wanted hair

Package Included:

1 x neck duster brush