Retro Oil Head Hair Clipper USB

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Retro Oil Head Hair Clipper with usb charging for mobility. Hair clipper perfect for hairdressing, lettering, styling, trim, shaved head and electric fades.

This is a heavy hitter when it comes to clippers boys. With pitch cutter head, the cutter head is thickened, wear resistant, low heat emission and durable.

Reliable power supply system to insure you are always juiced up and ready to go. The inline charging interface, has a concealed socket, with firm and stable attachment that wont come loose with a bit of bump and bruise.

Worry free high performance power comes from this large capability lithium battery delivering a whopping 100 minutes of use.





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Product Features

Powerful motor, continuous power, low noise. It is small in size and easy to carry.

Rated power:              5W
Working current:      0.4-0.5A
Working voltage:       3.7V
Applicable voltage:    110V-240V
Charging time:           2 hours
Color:                           red brown

Package Included:

1 set electric clipper