Silver Colour Hair Clippers

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Hair Clipper K-9S features:


On this pair of hair clippers you can vary between 6 different built in length setting from 1.5mm to 13mm. Dual cut technology, cuts 2 times faster with double sharpening and cutting element which reduces friction.


Flick the turbo button on for enhanced cutting speed and power. Don’t worry about keeping the blades sharp, because this cutter is equipped with self sharpening titanium blades, with absolutely no oil needed. To top it off the blades are also washable to keep on top of hygiene matters.


Multi functional power system, with lithium ion power, pushing out 240 minutes cordless trimming time, with only 3 hours charging. If that wasn’t enough the clippers have a battery light indicator to keep you on top of the juice situation.



Product Features

Hair Clipper K-7S features: One comb boasting 6 built-in length settings from 1.5 mm to 13mm

Dual Cut Technology, cuts 2x faster with double sharpened cutting element and reduced friction

Turbo power button for enhanced cutting speed

Self-sharpening titanium blades, no oil needed

Washable blades

Lithium-Ion power Cordless or corded use

Rechargeable battery 240 minutes cordless trimming

3 hours charge time

Battery light indicator

Easy to clean

Customer Concerns

1.How do I install the blade?

Adjust the length to 2.0mm before installing the blade.

2. How do I remove the previous battery memory?

Press the on/off button to remove the previous battery memory.

3. How do I wash the clipper blades?

When washing these hair clippers please insure it is not plugged in.

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