Titanium Steel Blade Trimmer

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This multi function trimmer comes with titanium steel blades, precision ground to stay sharp longer. Compact and light weight for easy transport and travel purpose. The beard trimmer kit has everything you need to tighten up your beard, moustache, goatee or neckline. You’ll get a precise trim the first time and every time.

The pack comes with a bonus personal trimmer for trimming hair in the ear, nose and brows. All our trimmer adopt cutting ergonomic design, moulded and shaped to fit the palm of your hands seamlessly.

This Personal Trimmer is the perfect tool for grooming excess hair in difficult to reach places. Unlike a pair of scissors, the trimmer won’t nick or pull, so you’ll have safe, good-looking results every time.

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Plug Type

Product Features

Size:                         15.2 * 4

power:                      3 (W)

Charging time:            5h

Voltage:                      220V~230V

Frequency:                  50 / 60Hz

Working time:             45mintes

Plug:                            EU



Package Included:

1* Beard Hair Trimmer

1 * base

1 * limit comb

1 * cleaning brush

1 * shaving head

1 * vibrissa knife head

1 * sideburn knife head

1 * sideburn limit comb

1 * adapter

1 * curing oil

1 * comb

1 * manual